About Me

Customer Experience | Quality | Value 

Hello, My name is Jay. I have been in and around jewellery for 10 years now and absolutely Love It! My passion is not only for jewellery itself, how it looks, feels or the exceptional skill required to make it, but the special occasions that it celebrates.

Jewellery itself can be a very vast subject, with so many specialisms, so I have tried to simplify it.

I created Jay's Jewellery based in 3 principles, which I feel are the most important and sometimes lacking.

Firstly, Customer Experience. I am a independent online retailer and also a person of high standards and morals. I want to ensure that is continued through Jay's Jewellery, ensuring people receive the greatest Customer Experience possible. Meaning whether that is how easily it is to get around my website, to the product detail I provide, or ensuring the best post sale support with ease of returns.

You can not provide a excellent Customer Experience if the jewellery you are offering is, well, not excellent, this is where Quality comes in.

I only wish to offer people Quality Jewellery. Jewellery can be made to a price or to a purpose, that purpose is to be worn, loved and adored. That is why I like to offer full product specifications where I can including weight, so you know what you are getting but can also compare it to other similar products. This again goes back to my first principal, Customer Experience.

Lastly is Value. The value of anything is only what someone is willing to pay, which I am sure we have all heard before. So whilst I want to provide Quality Jewellery, it also needs to be good value.

We have all heard the phrase, " If its too good to be true it usually is"? This is not always the case. I do this out of passion and for reasons I have experienced within the jewellery industry over my years. Value is having Quality product at a reasonable price and this is exactly what I offer - which again means great Customer Experience.

Not only that, I also offer a 30 Day Price Match Guarantee, meaning if you find an item cheaper elsewhere, up to 30 days after purchasing from us, we will beat that price.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my passion, you are very welcome to contact me with any comments or questions you may have via: info@jays-jewellery.com

Many Thanks