What Is Jay's Jewellery All About?

Who are they? What do they do? What are their values?
I am James Harris, but I prefer Jay, hence Jay's Jewellery. I have worked in the Jewellery Industry for around 10 years now, in both very well known High Street retail Jewellers as Management and independent manufacturing jewellers as Management.

This background affords me some very unique experience. On the retail side I have the experience of customer satisfaction, how clients should be treated. On the independent retailer side I have the technical, manufacturing knowledge.

Combining this experience I feel I had a great insight as to what customers want. Before I began Jay's Jewellery, I wanted some founding principals to what I would live and breathe in everything I do, these are;

Customer Experience | Quality | Value

Customer Experience

Simply put, it's what is experienced from the moment you visit our home page, to receiving your purchase and any post purchase support you require. But there's more to it. It's the honesty and integrity that I apply in to every decision and circumstance.

Like rolling out extended product descriptions including an items weight, something that is valuable in making an informed choice.

It's also the offer of a 30 Day Price Match Guarantee. Meaning, for up to 30 days after your purchase, if you find a like for like item cheaper, we will honour a refund of the difference, giving customers absolute peace of mind.

Quality & Value

Using my experience I only want to offer excellent Quality Jewellery at great Value. I don't want to compete with those offering super lightweight jewellery at low prices, I want to offer great quality jewellery at low prices, jewellery that lasts and can be treasured for a long time.

It all relates to relates back to honesty and integrity. If you have great Quality Jewellery at fantastic Value, and ensure at every stage our clients are happy, through our processes, our 14 day return policy and 30 Day Price Match Guarantee, we will always have happy clients who enjoy Great Quality Jewellery

Check out our latest collections below and see for yourself.

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