Ruby - The Birthstone Of July

Jay, from Jay's Jewellery here to discuss this months birthstone.

From the Latin word ‘ruber’ meaning red, Ruby is the fiery red Birthstone for July.

Rubies were often worn by Royals and were believed to be protection against evil. It was also believed that a ruby would be able to indicate danger or evil by going darker in colour when evil was present.

Ruby was although thought to represent love, heat and power and it was said that if a Ruby was placed in to a pot of water, it would boil instantly!

Ancient tribes even used the, as bullets for blowguns!

With its deep red colour and its representation of love and passion, people believed that it contained a eternal flame, never to be extinguished like eternal love.

Ruby is also associated with a 40th wedding anniversary.

Did You Know……….

A ruby and a sapphire are essentially one and the same, part of the Corundum family of gemstones. It is the very slight impurities that give them their different colour. Red being Ruby, then to a light red or pink becoming a pink Sapphire and then on to yellow green or blue sapphires.

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