Dispelling The Myth Of Which Is Harder, 9ct Or 18ct Gold

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So, how many times have you heard that one is ‘harder’ than the other? Which one is often said to be harder? Jay, from Jay's Jewellery will explain more

Here I briefly want to explain why most Sales Associates (not all), will tell you that 9ct Gold is harder wearing compared to 18ct Gold.

I can understand the misconception to an extent, those thinking that because 9ct has less gold than 18ct, and gold being a soft material, must mean that 9ct is harder wearing, right? Wrong!

There is a difference between hardness and durability. Imagine have 1 glass bottle and one identical plastic bottle. If you dropped them both, the glass bottle would most likely smash whilst the plastic one would just bounce. Yes, the glass bottle is harder, but the plastic bottle is more durable.

Simply put, 18ct gold is more durable (harder wearing) than 9ct gold. There is a recognised scale for testing metals, Which is the Vickers Scale Of Hardness, this also puts 18ct higher than 9ct.

I hope this helps you when making your next purchase and if the sales associate tries to tell you any different, please explain to them what you have just read.

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