Amethyst - The Birthstone Of February

Jay from Jay's Jewellery again bringing you this months birthstone - Amethyst.

Amethyst is a gemstone which is part of the Quartz family. It comes in stunning deep purple colours through to lighter lilac hues.

The word Amethyst is derived from the Greek word Methustos meaning intoxicated. Ancient wearers believed that it would protect them from drunkenness (here's where I've been going wrong all along ha!).

Royal regalia has even been adorned with the gemstone many years ago as it signified royalty and wealth. It was the discovery of the vast abundance of Amethyst which made it available to the masses and less exclusive.

Leonardo Da Vinci reportedly once wrote that, "Amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and increase the intelligence."

Amethyst is ideal for jewellery as it is a fairly tough stone, measuring 7 on the Mohs Scale Of Hardness, 10 being diamonds. 

It also can be cut in to many various shapes and sizes allowing for some very unique jewellery. I have a truly wonderful selection of Amethyst jewellery in silver and gold, check out the links below. and use the filter on the left to go straight to Amethyst.

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